Sprayed Polyurethane Foam Roofing Systems

f1Sprayed polyurethane roofing systems have been engineered to provide a superior energy-efficient, long-lasting roof for any building. Foam offers excellent insulation value and a smooth, durable, seam-free barrier against the elements.

Foam is incredibly lightweight – about eight ounces per square foot – and can be applied over most existing roof systems without exceeding the structural load capacity. Yet it’s amazingly strong, easily withstanding light foot traffic and other weight requirements.

f2E.S. Construction offers a variety of foam systems that have met the most stringent requirements for many industry groups. We provide various options that can withstand specific complications that can occur to roofing systems, including expansion and contraction caused by temperature extremes, punctures, ultraviolet degradation and leaks. And more choices means you can select the right system that fits within your budget requirements. Whatever your needs, our team has you covered for years to come.

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